Yoga: No Pain, No Gain? No Way!

The article in the Atlanta Journal-constitution February 22, 2012 was titled:  "In yoga class, play it safe."

The focus was on paying attention to your body as the way to avoid injuries and for yoga instructors not to push students. 

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that has become an exercise regimen. Classes are too large with little personal attention.  That is when injuries occur.

The student that was described injured himself because his approach was force and his teacher pushed him to go further.   After his injury, his focus is on mindful yoga practice and listening to his body.  It took a snap of his knee for him to really understand yoga and to pay attention to what the body is telling him.

Those who could benefit greatly from a yoga practice are scared to try.  I hear “I’m not flexible enough”, “I’ll make a fool out of myself”, or “I can’t get into those contortions”, and they stay away.    

“When you match the postural practice to the person’s need, then you’re being true to the intention of yoga."

I find that the body tells us the truth and the mind judges.  The problem arises when we listen to our mind, negating the wisdom of the body.

When you practice yoga or any other physical activity, do you listen to your body?  Let me know you experience in the comments below.



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