What Happened to My Peaceful State?

Picture this:  You just finished your centering practices and you feel peaceful and calm.  There is nothing you want- you are content.

You join your family and the kids are yelling, the dog is barking and your significant other is looking for the keys- puff…your serenity is gone in an instant!

There is a phrase from one yoga text:

 Lokanandah Samadhi- Sukham : In every bit of knowledge the yogi experiences the delight of I- Consciousness, and there is transmission of this experience to those who come in contact with him.  The bliss continues in every location and every situation.

In other words, bring inner peace into your relationships with everyone and everything.  All of yoga’s practices are designed to help you still your mind to access your inner solid calm center.

As you practice, you will embody the knowing that you are more than your body and you are more than your mind.

You will experience your daily living with grounded presence weaving in the sublime with the mundane, even in the chaos that surrounds you.

Let me know in the comments below your experience with maintaining your calm in the midst of life.  What works for you?



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