Waiting for the Time? BIG Mistake!

The past few weeks have been very difficult for our family.  My brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly.  In addition to grief and sadness, something else got my attention.  My husband’s sadness was compounded by the reality that he waited to go to his dentist brother to fix his teeth. He kept putting it off partly because he hates going to the dentist and partly because he felt he could do it any time.  Sadly, anytime will not come. This brings to mind an experience my mother had when her friend died- she regretted not having her to her house for a visit.
She kept putting it off.   Unfortunately these are not isolated incidents – we all do this.
We not only wait on planning events with others, we wait on everything- both serious and mundane:

  • We wait to feel better to do something uplifting.
  • We wait until our kids leave for college to do what we want.
  • We wait to sell our house that is way too big and costing us a fortune in upkeep – that was one of ours and when we sold it, it was as if the shackles came off.  (Now we have wash and fold, trash pickup, no maintenance – Yes, life is easy. )
  • We wait to get the dishes we saw at Costco – and when we go back the next week, they are gone (another one of mine – silly but we all do this.)
  • We wait for a better time to take a vacation.
  • We wait to take the class we have wanted to take.

You get the picture…
Let me sum up waiting:  You snooze, you lose! 

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