Viva La Difference!

Throughout the spring season I watch the changes in foliage.  The azaleas in Atlanta bloomed early and it was exquisite to see the colors, shades and textures.  A week later the flowers had died off and new flowers are emerging.

The changes of spring remind me of the importance of internal transformation as well.I invite you to look within at where you still need new growth.  Some people do not tolerate difference, many of us accept difference, but how many of value difference?

Our world is full of diversity– different races, shapes, sexuality, social standings, religions and ethnicities but we are challenged to explore and embrace those that are beyond our understanding and comfort zone. 

We read news stories about bullying, shootings and other conflicts and it fear underlies our prejudice.  It seems threatening to many and is worth examining in yourself. 

Any prejudice not only impacts others, but it disturbs the state of your body and mind. 

Can you make a shift in perspective to value the differences?  Let me know in the comments below.



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