Vienna Finger Experience: Food for Thought

I have been having pain in my left teeth and jaw, so eating has been a challenge.  I was at a meeting and I noticed one of my old time favorite cookies:  Vienna Finger.  I wanted one but since they are a crunchy cookie, I hesitated to indulge myself but soon gave in to the temptation. 

I took one and began eating by taking the sandwich apart and spreading the cream around.  I proceeded to nibble away very slowly savoring every bite.  I hardly chewed and just let it melt in my mouth. 

I talk about this experience because I realized in my slow, mindful eating of the cookie I enjoyed each and every bite.  I was present in each moment, to be sure that I did not crunch at all.  I normally would have eaten at least two cookies in the time I took to eat just one.

The experience was totally satisfying because I really allowed myself to taste it and be with the sensation and flavor.

It makes me think about my relationship with food and how much more I enjoy it when I am present in the moment sensing and tasting bite by bite. 

Try this next time you eat something special and let me know in the comments below what your experience was.



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