My Two Most Difficult Challenges: Change and Asking for Help!

Change, change, & more change- That is the only constant in life. I see it happening all around me, but when it is my time to change I hold on, leaving claw marks.  I know I am not alone in this. What it is about change that is so challenging and scary?

First, Some Background

1106151331-2Years back B.Y. (before yoga) I was a super duper sales person.  I loved helping people and directing them to what would best suit their needs.  I worked in a wholesale showroom geared to designers.  I would have continued but my Lupus kicked in (and kicked my butt!)  I took a leave of absence that is still going on – that was about 25 years ago (I guess that I have quit by now.)

While in the first few months of my leave, I tried a gentle yoga class and there my journey into the health and wellness field began.  If you want to read more of that story, check out my bio page on my website.

The reason I bring this up is to let you know that in the past year, I have gradually stopped enjoying much of what I am doing in my work. I used to love it, but I am burning out.  I am clear that one big reason is that I am way too isolated and I can say without hesitation – isolation is the enemy.  It is definitely mine.  I spend much too much time with my dog. Although she is very quirky, sometimes inspiring, it is no substitute for human beings.  I am a people person and love to be part of, not apart from.  I have asked myself, what would I tell a client?  I would tell them to be kind to themselves, remember what makes your heart sing and take small action steps.  Hmmm, maybe I should hire myself!

I began to explore what makes me light up and fill up in my current work.  It is when I am speaking to groups, and teaching lunch and learn programs to organizations. I am eye to eye, relating to a group of people. I leave feeling exhilarated and am able to bring my fun, playful nature to this part of my work.

Decision Time

With this realization, I have decided that it is time to make a change.  Change is one of those things that I have a love-hate relationship with.  I am excited to see what is next, but very uncomfortable with the process.  Here is my first incremental change:

I have resigned from the Chemotherapy center and will no longer take private clients. I will finish up the few private clients I am currently working with the passion I have always shown. I am still going to speak mostly to support groups, do book signings, and teach some lunch and learn programs for businesses. I will still write my newsletters – That is it.

Now for The Asking for Help Part…

I know that I love to be busy and have fun, so I am not ready to retire and probably will never be ready. I am looking to work with or for someone. Yes, a job!

Here is what I bring to the table and what I am looking for.  Maybe you know someone you can introduce me to.

  • It does not have to be health and wellness- my background of stress management is valuable in any job.
  • Prefer part time, but for the right opportunity full time will work
  • Selling, but not cold call sales or network marketing (too much my own business)
  • Being the face of someone’s the business- their spokesperson
  • Working with clients- client advocate
  • Customer service/trouble shooting.
  • Helping to run events – be it product or service
  • Program manager
  • PR/Marketing – that is my background
  • Connecting people
  • Managing a team
  • I will travel

Those of you who know me know my strong suits.  Those who do not, here is what a business colleague I had dinner with wrote about me:

     “I met this woman once.
Spent about 2 hours with her.
And won’t ever forget her. 

     That’s just the kind of impact she has. 
     Bright. Witty. Intelligent beyond measure.
You’ll learn a lot from Ellen”

That is me in a nutshell, and so much more…
I am filled with gratitude for what I have done and the people I have met.  I look forward to seeing what my next adventure will be.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I will stay in touch, and hope you will, too.



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