Traffic: 5 Steps to Regain Composure

Traffic is a fact of life in metropolitan areas, yet many times when we are caught in traffic we get angry and frustrated.

Before we realize it, our breath is shallow and our neck and shoulders are tight. 

I was leaving a parking lot and planned to make a right hand turn.  Much to my dismay, a car pulled out of a lot across the street and rudely blocked my entire lane, causing a line of cars behind me.  My reaction was anger and frustration at how inconsiderate the driver was. 

I noticed my reaction and after employing the technique below I felt calm and centered once again.

Try this:

  1. Take a moment to see if you are holding your breath.
  2. Notice if you are tensing your neck and shoulders.
  3. Feel your feet on the ground and if you are sitting, feel your contact to the seat beneath you.
  4. Relax your belly and without straining take three slow, easy inhalations and exhalations, each time softening your neck and shoulders.
  5. Now, review the situation as if you were giving a report, without commentary and see how you can make a choice to see the event differently.

Give this a try next time you have a situation where you are frustrated driving (you will have many opportunities!) and let me know in the comments below what happened.   If it did not help, what you think got in the way?



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