This Stuff Works: Even In The Shower!

When I speak at events, keeping true to my style, I keep it real. I was recently speaking to the Georgia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers about how to turn chaos into calm. The focus was on helping both themselves and clients stay calm so they could organize their thoughts. We also focused on how busy they are, going from one appointment to another. I talked about how to fill their well with mundane tasks, even though they had little time.

I shared the concepts from my book Splash Into Calm. This excerpt is on our mundane routines:


Routines are part of our daily lives. Often, we do not notice what we are doing, as the routine is deeply ingrained in our day. The daily shower is a great example of how much more there is to experience from the simple activity of getting clean.

Have you ever taken a shower and forgot how many times you have shampooed? Maybe you have showered and you were thinking about an upcoming meeting or reviewing the list of things you had to do for the family.

Whatever you were thinking about, it kept you from enjoying the feeling of the water on your body, the warmth when you rinse the lather of shampoo out of your hair (if you are bald this still applies), or even belting out your favorite tune. You were showering alone (yes, I am making this assumption), but there was an entire committee there with you!

When you pay attention and embrace the moment you will discover how much there is to relish in your everyday routines.


At the event, I used the shower as an example of how we do not stay present to what could be an uplifting experience. The next day, I received two remarks that went around their group. Thought I would share them with you.

“We had a great meeting on Tuesday. Our speaker, Ellen Sichel, owner of Custom Calm helped us all relax. I personally would benefit from hearing her speak 4 times a year.”

“I am wondering if anyone who attended on Tuesday had a similar experience on Wednesday morning. I was in the shower thinking about my day and all of a sudden Ellen Sichel’s voice spoke to me, ‘I want you in the shower!…naked…fully enjoying the shower, not thinking about your day.’ It was pretty funny.”

Another person reported:

“I breathed deep in the car on Wed. Fighting traffic and heading to my 3rd meeting that week”

Yes, simple but not as easy as one might think. I invite you to catch yourself “thinking” and not being aware of your mundane activities. Showers, walks, marketing, driving are just a few examples. Give it a try and let me know what you noticed. Enjoy!



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