The Lesson I Learned From an Exploding Potato

m2vmTmS-GBM2dWiHay8165UOk1r-R5XJvRUTpVRRgWMThere are times that something mundane gives us the opportunity to lighten up, but it will only happen with a quick shift in perspective. Every once in a while the universe gives me a chance to practice, and last week I got the opportunity once again. My recent experience will help me explain the power of perspective and how to make a quick shift from reaction to laughter.

I was preparing dinner and was putting the finishing touches on my sweet potato in the microwave. I had poked holes and wrapped it in a paper towel and was working on my salad, when much to my dismay I heard a “poof.” I realized that my sweet potato had exploded. That was the last straw to a challenging day. My immediate reaction was *&^%$x?, but the moment I opened the door, I saw that most of the guts made it in one piece, leaving the skin split perfectly down the center and empty!

Now that was funny! I did not even mind cleaning up the mess. My perspective went from reacting to my potato exploding (on purpose of course with the intention make extra work for me and messing up my dinner), to one of seeing what was really in front of me. A perfectly split open potato mess, that was still eatable.

Our perspective is around 80% or our reality. It can easily cloud over what is really there, distorting what we see. We react and take it personally. The moment I paused, I could see the humor in it because I saw what was right in front of me and in that moment, I realized that my potato was not out to get me! My perspective made the difference in how I experienced the rest of the evening.

I think I even enjoyed the potato even more. Yes, it was cooked to perfection!



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