The Half Day That Will Ripple For Years!

I chose to write this as a newsletter rather than a promotional email because I felt it important to share. It is much more than a promotion. It is a rare opportunity to learn how to take care of yourself, especially if you have chronic illness or pain of any kind.

What I see happening with stress and pain management is dependence on professionals to feel better, and taking breaks from life. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for hiring professionals who can help. I also love taking a break from life (the ocean sounds great right now), but often it is not practical.

The reason I teach quick useful solutions is so you have the skill to help yourself, no matter where you are.

I had been running a 4 week program and it was requested that I offer a half day workshop and include the gentle yoga that only those who work privately learn how to do. Since I only teach one yoga class and it is at the cancer center, there is no public opportunity to experience the gentle decompression of spinal tension that is my specialty. I thought about this for some time and decided to include yoga in with a full workshop and include handouts for a home practice. For those of you who do not know me well, I am an advanced yoga instructor specializing in pain and stress solutions. Years ago, I owned a yoga studio.

The second reason I am offering this workshop is to give those wanting an affordable way to learn the basics of taking charge of their stress and pain. As someone who has Lupus, it is imperative for me to live what I will teach you at this workshop. It helps me on a daily basis.

If you do not live in Atlanta and want this in your home town, that too can be arranged (especially if you live in a warm, sunny location!) Just let me know and we will make it happen.

So here is your one time opportunity to invest in yourself for a half day.

I am so excited about this that the first 6 who sign up from this newsletter will get a free 45 minute group Q & A call with me. It will be an extremely valuable experience.

I scheduled the workshop on a Sunday to avoid traffic, and allow you to fill up, learn, and engage in community sharing. What better way to spend the afternoon?

If you have questions, I am available. My purpose is to help you, help yourself–mind, emotions, and body.

Hope to see you there!



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