Attention: People dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, and illness

Are you ready to regain a sense of calm, control, and play in your life? Stop the spiral of overwhelm, and burn out. It is time to take care of yourself. No time you say? You do not need much time at all. Just a few moments is all it takes to transform worry and frustration into calm solution. Join me for a no cost training call where I teach what no one has told you about:

“How to Take Charge of Your Stress and Pain and Get Back to Enjoying Life”

Stress and pain are facts of life, and when things are under control you are able to handle small challenges relatively well. However, when life becomes overwhelming, particularly during times of illness, pain, caregiving, and other difficult situations, anxiety and stress easily derails you.

You lose the ability to stay calm, which leads to reaction.  Reaction to others and the situation, wreaks havoc on your body, mind, and emotions.  You suffer from burn-out, and see no relief in sight.  Activities that you used to enjoy fall by the wayside.  There is no time for you.

The cycle of stress continues and your life is out of control. This is why clients come to me after trying time consuming, costly, complex solutions to their situation. They might experience relief for a few hours or days, but they find they are unable to sustain a sense of calm.

So here you are, still feeling stressed out after all that you have tried.

The truth is… no matter how many self help books you read or how many people you go to for stress solutions, your sense of calm is a fleeting experience. You might take an hour (a luxury) to get a massage, take a walk, but the first person that cuts you off on your way home- you are back to frustration and anxiety. That is the reality of a life with uncertainty and stress.

Or, you can have a new reality– if you are ready to stop feeling like a ping pong ball with every twist and turn of life.

You’ll want to sign up for this super content packed teaching call where you will learn:

  • The truth about what underlies your stress
  • Find out how easy it is to shift your perception of pain and challenging situations
  • Quick, effective techniques to move from chaos to calm
  • Something you can do in the moment to decrease pain
  • How to weave in self care into your daily activities.

It is quick and easy to make significant changes to regain a sense of calm, control, and play in your day especially when time is an issue.

The good news is that you hold the key. It is worth taking your valuable time to learn a few tools that you can apply the moment you get off the phone.

To support you even further, I shared a few minutes about my Calm Living Strategy Programs.

I promise you’ll get loads of great information and a few quick techniques to support yourself. Even if you don’t do another call with me, you will get lots of help from this free training. I can’t wait to have you join me!

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