Technique of the Week:  Which Finger Are You Pointing?

Atlanta recently was in the headlines about how poorly the winter storm was handled.  Each time I checked my Facebook page, there are many comments about was to blame.

It seems finger pointing (no matter which finger!) is a national pastime, and I wonder why this is.  No matter what the issue, we are very quick to criticize and voice our opinions.  I for one, know nothing about how to prepare the city for inclement weather, so why point my finger?  On some level, I guess we feel better doing so, but do we really feel better when we get agitated?

Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement on how Atlanta handled the situation, and those issues will be addressed and improved by those who can do something about it, as long as they place their focus on the solution – rather than wasting time with continued finger pointing.  Give this a try:

  • Take a look at your hand and point a finger toward something.
  • Now, look at how many fingers are pointing back at you.
  • In case of uncertainty- the answer if four!

Most often, you will find that it is a shared responsibility.  In the case of the ice storm, there were many who had responsibility including the many individuals who were blocking the intersection or panicking.

There is one finger that will always point back at our attitude.  Yes, it is up to you to see how you are judging, and then you have a choice:  Do I want to focus on the one finger pointing at another, or the four pointing back at me?  Empowering to know we have a choice!



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