Too Ill to Chill on Vacation

 The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran an article linking stress to a diminished immune system.   The focus was stress that precedes the long awaited vacation which sets up an illness to begin at the start of vacation..

 This happens because stress deregulates our immune system.

Studies from Ohio State University College of Medicine focused on the relationship of stress and the immune systems of college students.  They found that before taking a scheduled test the students would sleep less, eat poorly and wear themselves down.  Their blood work showed their immune systems were not functioning at a normal level. 

The same type of stress occurs before a planned trip.  The days are filled with frenzied activities and less sleep which sets up a compromised immune system.

The answer is simple, but not easy.

Sleep, exercise and eat a balanced diet.  In other words, learn how to calm down and center yourself when you are not on vacation

The article spoke about the consequences of  ignoring the scratchy throat, chronic headache or slight sniffle, because we are too busy.

There is an important message here:   When things are beginning to get out of whack in our bodies the body lets us know with these small symptoms.  If we ignore them, it will be too late to do anything about them when we get ill. 

Through  simple Custom Calm centering techniques you can  help relax the mind and body, giving the immune system time to balance out.

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