Publishing New Book on Calm Living

It has finally happened!  I am finishing up my book and will be at print in the next few weeks.  I wrote a book because I see the need for practical help with stress.

The book is part of what I hope to be a series called Custom Calm Chronicles and the first book is:  Splash Into Calm. 

There seems to be a myth that living a calm life means “uneventful” or “chilled out”, and that is far from the truth.

What calm living gives you the ability to enjoy increased stamina, vitality, clarity and ease in daily life.  For those who enjoy living a full, busy life, then you will be able to enhance this lifestyle you already have with increased energy to do the things you love doing.

The book is filled with different perspectives and techniques geared toward quickly get centered.  It is not that you will not have stress in your life, but you will know how to neutralize its effects.  The best part is that it is practical, so there is no big time commitment.  I have set it up in monthly themes to make it easy.

Short and simple is greatly needed.  That is why I keep my posts short.  In our busy lives we do not have the time, so why not quickly get to the point?  Once I am at print, look forward to hearing much more about it.

One final thought; if I can find my calm center, than anyone can do it!

Let me know in the comments below what you do to come back to center when you get stressed. 

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