New Blog: “Splash Into Calm”

I have renamed this blog Splash Into Calm, to reflect the title of my upcoming book.

I put a lot of thought into the title and decided on the term “splash” rather than “dive” because in our busy lives, we need simple solutions that are easy, playful, and quick to apply. 

Stress is a fact of life and many of the practices available are effective, but they require a big time or financial commitment.  We are not able or willing to add yet another item on our to-do list.  Even something that is good for us can create stress.

I am a very practical person and I find that my clients will try something if I tell them to give it a three  or four minutes a day.  That is realistic for them and they usually follow through and begin to see the calming benefits of a short and simple technique.

Each week I will highlight a different aspect of “splashing around in calm” and how that impacts daily living.  Stay tuned.

Let me know in the comments below if there is a topic you would like to hear about and I will bring some perspective and direction that is practical and approachable.

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6 Steps to Breath Awareness

To optimize the benefits of breath, you want your breathing to be deeper, slower, quieter and more regular.  This simple technique will help you notice how effective your breathing is.  Remember, to do this technique with no judgment. 

The first step to change is awareness. 


1.       Sit comfortably with your spine erect, with your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet solidly on the floor.

2.       Close your eyes or have a softly gaze ahead.

3.       Bring your awareness to your breath without trying to influence it in any way, following it with your mind. 

4.       Notice the quality of your breath.

5.       Notice the depth, notice the pace, notice the rhythm.

6.       Become aware of the rise and fall of your chest and belly.

What did you notice about your breath?  Was it deep, or shallow?  Did your belly rise and fall, or was the breath in your upper body?  Let me know what you noticed in the comments below.  Please contact me with any questions.

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