Change of Plans

I am in the last stages of my first book.  After meeting with my editor I was raring to go on my final edits.  My plan was to spend a few hours in the early evening to forge through it.  That was my plan, however the universe had a different idea—a strong storm followed by a power outage!  My book would have to wait.  I had a choice–do I want to stay calm about this shift or do I want to be upset and angry?

I close to enjoy the change.  After the storm cleared, my husband and I took our dog for her evening walk.  We passed neighbors socializing with one another whom we had never met.  It was as if there was a snow day from school and the adults came out of the woodwork.  The lack of power changed everyone’s plans as most would have been on their computers or watching television.  

Interacting with one another is not done on a regular basis.  We save it for times when our regular routines are not available to us.  There were two lessons last night:

  • We are creatures of habit and it takes some effort to make the shift to do something different.
  • Do not get too attached to your plans, because they can change in an instant.

Go with the ebbs and flows in life and you will find many new opportunities available to you.

Now, off to finish my edits!

What do you do when your plans are derailed?  Do you try something else, or get frustrated by the change?  Let me know in the comments below.

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