You Are More Than Your Mind

We have around 60,000 thoughts a day, and I venture to say that most of them are not uplifting!  If you have ever tried to quiet your mind, you see just how busy and it is.  It is referred to as the “monkey mind” because it is all over the place.

What you think about becomes the reality of who you are, and you live within this limited awareness.   Yet, you are much more…

Visualize an ocean. The endless waves on top are your thoughts.  They are the most evident and easiest to identify, yet they are only on the surface. 

The waves, no matter how strong, are still only a tiny part of the ocean.  You keep your focus on the waves alone and your ability to see the oceans enormity  is obscured. 

You are the entire ocean.  Your capacity is astounding and when your mind gets still, even if it for a moment, you are able to can experience what you are capable of.

What is your capacity today?

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Spring into Life!

As I walk in my neighborhood, I see people walking, gardening, kids playing, dogs barking and flowers blooming.   It is an energizing time of year.

It is also holiday time with the arrival of Easter and Passover.

These meaningful holidays focus on rebirth, renewal and freedom.

Take a look at the trees and flowers.  The blooms from last year died off and once again you see the rebirth and renewal in each new bud.  It is absolutely exquisite. 

Our lives can encompass this wonderful unfolding.

This happens when the mind is calm. We gain a renewed perspective on life.

The inner calm we access releases us from our self imposed bondage:  The tight grip we have on our safe limited thinking that keeps us stressed, with no way out.

Settling our busy minds is a process, and at times it is uncomfortable.  The new buds did not emerge in a moment.  The plants and flowers had to let go and die out in order to slowly emerge again with increased color, beauty and vitality. 

Take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind, renew your perspective and enjoy more spring in your life.

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Showered in Simple Pleasure

The morning or evening shower.  Some days we rush thorough it and on other days we enjoy it.  We shower to get clean, but there is more to it than that.

Have you ever taken a shower and forgot how many times you have shampooed?  Maybe you have showered and you were thinking about an upcoming meeting, or reviewing the list of things you had to do for the family.

Whatever it was you were thinking about, it has kept you from enjoying the feeling of the water on your body, or the warmth when you rinse the lather of shampoo out of your hair, or even belting out a tune.

You were showering alone, but there was entire committee there with you!

Allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures in your routine and you will be amazed with how you feel.  Your shower will refresh you in a whole new way.

What do you think about when you shower?

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