2 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays

Holiday parties, eating, shopping, travel, visitors, end of year work are a few of the activities we participate in.

We socialize while holding our drink and food, really not tasting anything or hearing what is being said.  The stores are busy, with decorations adorning the windows, walls and ceilings, yet we rush right by them.

These are mostly positive experiences, yet we end up stressed and tired.

Slowing down does not mean not going shopping or to parties.  What it means is that while you are participating, be present.  

Try this:

  1. When at a party before biting into your food take a moment to look at the color and texture, smell the aroma, and then take one bite and savor it. You will probably eat less!
  2. While shopping, take a moment to stand still and look at the decorations, colors and designs.  Take it all in before going on with your shopping.

Let me know in the comments below how this worked.  Were you able to stop for a few moments and be present?  If not, what do you think got in your way?

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Digest a Happy Thanksgiving!

Physical digestion is most effective when we take in nutrients from our food and excrete what is no longer needed. 

The same is true for digesting life.  When we embrace all of our experiences no matter what they are and then let them go, we live a centered life.

The problem is that we hold on to both the positive and negative.  Our mind ruminates on what happened, leaving no room for fresh new perspectives.  We overflow with information, emotions and thoughts and we miss out of the present moment.

It is important to find ways to clear away some of the clutter.  Think of it as rebooting a computer when it is not responding.  Practices of meditation, breathing and yoga are quite effective at helping to make room for new experiences. 

Thanksgiving is here and we will be around family and friends, which can bring up many challenges.  Our mind is so busy that we eat and do not even taste our food which took hours to prepare.

With each experience, let go of what is not needed and have a Thanksgiving with only the leftovers that you want!

Let me know in the comments below how your Thanksgiving was.  Were you able to stay present and let go of what you did not need?  If not, what do you think stopped you?

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Hurricane: The Path of the Mind

“Mind is the deadliest of foes, but the most useful of servants.  When it turns wild and gets out of control, it heads for certain destruction.  When properly awakened and controlled, there is no limit to what the mind can do.” Charan Singh

There are two definitions that will help understand this quote: 

  1. Awakened:  To be completely conscious.
  2. Conscious:  Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts.

The hurricane that traveled up the East Coast left a path of destruction and chaos.  The aftermath of allowing our tumultuous thoughts to take charge of our behavior will create similar consequences.

Everything in our path is impacted; relationships, physical and emotional health, ability to make clear decisions and more.

Only when we can anchor our minds are in the present moment are we able to make choices of how we want to behave, rather than reacting to our circumstances.

Let me know in the comments below how you relate to this.  What happens when your mind spins out of control?

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