Avon Team Building Sessions a Success


Creative avenues to explore to increase sales and support employees overall health and wellbeing.

What was Presented and How it Helped:

Custom Calm tailored two mind-body sessions for our team-building conference of over 100 employees.  They engaged the rather reluctant group in simple practices to adapt into their workday.  After the first few minutes Ellen and her team had our full attention and participation.

They were professional and communicated clearly with warmth and humor. They effectively integrated their presentation into the overall theme of our program. This provided continuity for the week and ensured our team was able to gain long term application from the mind-body exercises taught by Custom Calm.

I also contracted Ellen Sichel to work with my core sales team at our monthly meetings to provide mind-body techniques that targeted our needs based on excessive car travel and high stress.  The sessions were presented in a clear, inviting, professional manner and Ellen inspired my team to consider how they can manage their stress throughout the day to be more productive, healthy and of course – Sell more. 

What You Can Learn:

There are creative ways to present material that is relatable and inviting.  The practical, simple implementation of practices including breath, yoga and meditation can be customized to meet specific needs of the client with communication that motivates and engages everyone in the room.

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