You Are Not Alone

"We can do what I can’t".  "You are not alone".   These are slogans from Twelve Step Recovery Programs and they are powerful because everyone in the community wants to help one another, which in turn helps themselves.  

Community is vital and provides great healing, especially when the group shares a common ground.

I teach in the Northside Hospital Cancer Support Community and what strikes me most is the care and love of the entire community.  I watch students want to help others and share their experience, strength and hope.  The environment is upbeat and their focus is on enjoying life.  It does not matter if they are a caregiver, in remission or have lost a loved one- they rally around each other.  They do not try to fix, rather they listen and provide support if needed and always welcome a new person.  They understand, because they have lived it.

Whether it is a Twelve Step Program or any kind of Support Community, it works because it is human nature to travel with others and to know we are not alone.

What a gift.

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