Enjoy the Journey!

My husband and I went for a walk in the woods to see a waterfall about a mile away.  What began as an easy walk soon became an uphill climb! 

As we took in the beauty around us as well as our leg fatigue, we heard a couple behind us complaining about how difficult the path was.  They kept debating about continuing on. As we got toward the end, the couple asked us to check out the waterfall to see if it was worth finishing the trail. 

It was pretty but nothing unusual and we reported this to the couple.  They decided to turn  around and complained to each other once again.

I was thinking about how they failed to see the beauty surrounding them throughout the hike as they  focused on the difficult path and destination, neglecting the moment.

As we push toward our target, we can easily get trapped into only looking at the goal and missing the entire journey.

The final goal might be exactly what was expected or a disappointment.  Either way, think about how much is missed when the focus is on the future. 

Enjoy the journey: It is as important as the final destination.

Let me know in the comments below what goal you focus on.  Can you stay present and enjoy the process?

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