April Fool’s Day: Lighten up!

What is the significance of April Fool’s Day?

It began in the 1500’s in France with the change of New Years Day from the week ending April 1 to January 1.  With the slow communication in those days, many did not know until years later and others refused to acknowledge the change.  Those people were labeled fools and thus began the tradition of prank playing.  Many countries celebrate this day and it marks the onset of Spring.

What is it that so many of us find appealing about playing a joke on someone?

It is an opportunity to lighten up and play.

 We tend to take things so seriously that we need an excuse to get a bit silly.  We live with chronic deadlines, pressures and responsibility and we forget how to have simple fun.  We plan vacations, wait for the weekends  to lighten up a bit, but soon revert back to our stress filled life.

Take time each day to be silly and playful. Sing, laugh, joke, and be light-hearted without concern about how you look.  You will be amazed how refreshed you feel.    

Are you ready to be playful each day?

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It’s Just a Banana!

It’s just a banana!

Years ago, as my husband, daughter and I were driving home from her art class, as we went under an overpass we heard a loud thump.  Something had hit our car, splattered and cracked our windshield.

As we pulled over, saw something had mashed and were speculating about what could possibly cause that kind of damage.  I speculated; “it might have been a cantaloupe or watermelon to do that kind of damage”.

My daughter took a look and came back reporting that it was a banana!

I was outraged that someone purposely threw a banana, (probably frozen) on our car!

After some time reacting, talking about the velocity, I began to ponder what the message was.  Following a few moments of contemplation,  I announced that it was probably a sign for us to slow down and take things easy.

With this, my wise husband replied:  “Maybe it was just a banana!”

I still smile at this as I see the truth in how complicated the mind makes things.  It takes us out of the here and now.  So from time to time, when I get too esoteric, my husband will remind me; maybe it’s just a banana…


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