Procrastination: 7 Steps to Solution

For my book I decided to write an article on procrastination. I am finding this topic challenging so I have not yet started.  This is why an article is needed!  What makes us procrastinate? 

I think much of what gets in our way is fear. We fear that we will never finish, we fear reality or we fear we never measure up.  We ask ourselves–why begin?  We tell ourselves it is better not to try then to fail—emotionally that feels safer.

When I decided to write my book, I really struggled with the fact that I never considered myself a writer, but when I began and stayed true to myself and my voice the words flowed out.

Procrastination costs us dearly.  We either put off important due dates (taxes is a popular one!) or postpone something we really want to do, leaving us frustrated, resentful and stressed out.

There are a few things that I found helpful and it will work for anything you want to accomplish.

  1. Guidance:  Find someone who can help you.  You cannot do everything on our own.
  2. Structure: Due dates and a step by step process (there can be some flexibility here) are vital.
  3. Positive people:  Surround yourself with those who are supportive.
  4. Accountability:  It can be the person giving you guidance or someone else who is structured.
  5. Keep it simple:  Easy step by step bite size pieces will work most effectively.
  6. Stay in the moment:  When your mind drifts into fear, take a breath and bring yourself back.
  7. Praise:  Each step of the way, give yourself praise for beginning.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and when take the baby steps needed to thwart your procrastination, great freedom takes its place.

Let me know in the comments below why you think you procrastinate and if you have had success in moving forward.  Give this list a try and let me know how it went.

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Keep it Simple, Sweetie…

This phrase can change your life.

We are by nature complicated beings.  This time of year we tend to over complicate our lives with plans and events. Many of us strive for the perfect experience and end of getting lost in the planning which adds stress and tension to our lives.

Rather than enjoying family and friends, we spin out of control and stress out so we can enjoy ourselves later.  Later never comes because we are thinking about and planning the next event.  Just writing about this is exhausting! 

What can allow us to enjoy ourselves is to treat ourselves with kindness.

Take a breath, settle into your body, slow down and get centered.  Just do what is in front of you, check in on how you feel and keep your focus on enjoying, rather than doing.

Less can often be more, so remind yourself of this one phrase:  keep it simple, sweetie…

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It’s Just a Banana!

It’s just a banana!

Years ago, as my husband, daughter and I were driving home from her art class, as we went under an overpass we heard a loud thump.  Something had hit our car, splattered and cracked our windshield.

As we pulled over, saw something had mashed and were speculating about what could possibly cause that kind of damage.  I speculated; “it might have been a cantaloupe or watermelon to do that kind of damage”.

My daughter took a look and came back reporting that it was a banana!

I was outraged that someone purposely threw a banana, (probably frozen) on our car!

After some time reacting, talking about the velocity, I began to ponder what the message was.  Following a few moments of contemplation,  I announced that it was probably a sign for us to slow down and take things easy.

With this, my wise husband replied:  “Maybe it was just a banana!”

I still smile at this as I see the truth in how complicated the mind makes things.  It takes us out of the here and now.  So from time to time, when I get too esoteric, my husband will remind me; maybe it’s just a banana…


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