Dependence or Independence?

Yesterday, as we celebrated the 4th of July we were honoring our independence.

I have been thinking about that idea and wonder what it really means to be independent.  I work with those whom have some kind of illness or handicap and while they are dependent on others, they are still independent.  They have cultivated an inner freedom that goes way beyond their physical state. They know that they are much more than their situation and are not victims of their circumstance.  They live their lives making the choice to be positive and proactive.  It is their attitude that makes all the difference.

From time to time it is helpful to explore how independent we really are.  Are we truly living our lives with inner calm and ease?

Think about where in your life you have not yet attained independence.  Let me know in the comments below.

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6 Benefits of Mountain Pose

Tadasana or Mountain pose is a foundational pose of yoga and is the basis of other poses. There are numerous advantages to learning the simple Mountain pose.   Mountain pose promotes improved overall well-being.

The benefits are:

  1. Promotes stillness and clarity.
  2. Grounding and solid feeling that helps you get centered.
  3. Find physical and emotional stability.
  4. Develops awareness of posture.
  5. Improves balance.
  6. Teaches you how to take the inner calm of  yoga into life.

Mountains have much to teach us about strength, power, stillness and inner and outer balance. When you look at the mountain, look beneath the landscape and see the subsidence and presence that is there.   We all embody that within ourselves.


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6 Helpful Tools for Challanging Times

There are times that life circumstances are quite challenging and we experience the consequences of added stress:  We become forgetful, drained and totally focused on the situation we are confronted with.

 This is especially true for those taking care of elderly or ill parents or other family members.

During this time it is difficult to live a balanced, calm life. It is a choice to get back to centered living.  Even when life gets overwhelming, there are simple things you can do to gain your equilibrium.

  1. Take some easy breaths into your belly.
  2. Make sure you eat nutritious food, even when you do not feel like it.
  3. Change the book you are reading to something funny and uplifting.
  4. Call a friend and just vent.
  5. Take off your shoes and feel your feet in the ground.
  6. Always keep a sense of humor.

These suggestions are easy, practical tools to help keep things in perspective.  Remember, whatever is going on in life, there are times throughout the day that you can experience a calm center.

Give it a try and let me know what happened in the comments below.  There might be something simple you have tried that was effective.  If so, feel free to share it.

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