6 Benefits of Breath: Part 2-Your Body

Breathing:  It is so simple that it is hard to believe how many benefits it brings.  How can something so effortless, have such a powerful impact on your physical health?

Here are some simple facts about breath:

  1. Every time you take a breath, you are massaging your internal organs, increasing the blood and oxygen supply to your body.
  2. You receive many benefits that you get from aerobic exercise- Aerobic is “air in” and when you breathe deeper and slower, your lungs fill fuller, increasing the blood and oxygen absorbed into your heart.
  3. Your lungs excrete more waste than any other organ.
  4. Your digestive system is part of your involuntary nervous system and it is optimized because it receives more blood and oxygen.
  5.  Breathing balances your immune system by bringing more blood and oxygen into your cells.
  6. When you breathe your muscles relax, reducing the physical tension in your body.

Are you ready to use breath to begin changing your overall health?

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