Susan Avoids Back Surgery

Susan’s Challenges

I have experienced low back pain for several years.  Over time, it got progressively worse.  The pain brought me to seek medical attention and I was diagnosed with two ruptured discs and severe degenerative disc disease.  Surgery was recommended.  I was willing to try anything and to avoid surgery.


What Susan Tried

Acupuncture was suggested along with yoga.  I had been practicing yoga for 10 years but had only experienced moderate relief.  I tried several Chiropractors before I began the practice Ellen showed me. 


What Worked

Custom Calm yoga was introduced through series of coincidences.  I began a daily practice along with acupuncture.  I experienced relief within several weeks.  I continue to practice Custom Calm yoga on a daily basis, including bed yoga  and have no pain for over 12 years.

 In addition, my range of motion has been restored to near normalcy.  The healing I have experienced though Custom Calm yoga has been miraculous.  I feel more energized, look younger and am no longer limited in my day-to-day living.  I would recommend Custom Calm practices to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.  It keeps me off the operating table and out of constant pain.  IT WORKS!!


What you can learn from Susan’s Experiences

When we are looking for ways to help ourselves when facing pain, we try many venues.  Even yoga practices are not all the same and Custom Calm practices are specifically customized to target specific tensions in the body.  Susan is committed to avoiding surgery and she practices simple techniques daily.  The physical practices also affect energy level and overall health.  Susan’s daily life has changed dramatically from the practices.

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Cathy is a Cancer Survivor with Back Pain

Cathy’s Challenges

I am a three time breast cancer survivor. It had been three years since my last cancer diagnoses and I finally felt well enough to do some traveling. Unfortunately, the consequence was chronic back pain.

What Cathy Tried

I had done yoga in the past and never really enjoyed it, finding it difficult and boring.

What Worked for Cathy

When I do Custom Calm yoga poses I use props, so the poses were fairly easy to do. The teacher pays close attention to everyone, giving individual attention to anyone who needs help. The teacher is exceptional and I find the time flies by.

It is a very different experience from all of the yoga that I had tried before. I felt very relaxed after the first class and after just three or four classes, my back pain dissipated. I also experienced more energy and an improved state of well-being. I started incorporating the poses in a daily home practice.

I attended some of the meditation classes and began a breathing practice too. I found that whenever I felt stressed, doing the breathing routines, in conjunction with the yoga poses, really helped relax me. The most important lesson I have learned is how imperative it is to stay in the moment, not focusing on the past or looking into the future.

What you can learn from Cathy’s Experience

Not all yoga is the same. With proper support and attention, pain can be alleviated. It is easy to learn practices to incorporate into your daily living. The benefits that the practices had on Cathy went way beyond her back pain. Every part of her daily life improved.


*Last name has been left off for anonymity.

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