Sarah is a Senior looking to Strengthen and Improve Balance

Sarah’s Challenges

While I am a cancer survivor, I had no particular stress or pain, but I am growing older and need the strength building and flexibility that the practices provide on a regular basis.

What Worked

Custom Calm yoga has been a transforming experience for me.  When I first tried it, after my first lesson, I thought that the whole thing was easy but didn't make any difference.  Boy, was I wrong!  It is a physically easy practice, but the benefits are immense.

As a result of regular attendance at classes, I am stronger, have better balance, and am more flexible.  I feel more confident that I will maintain my mobility and ability to get around easily when I practice.  In addition, I've learned some stress reducing and relaxation techniques from the practice.

Now when I'm stressed, achy or just tired, I practice a few yoga moves and always feel much better.  However, I continue to need the regular guidance and diversity of classes.

What you can learn from Sarah’s Experiences

Gentle yoga practices are extremely effective. With age, comes the need to empower yourself to continue to participate in an active lifestyle. There are so many techniques you can practice, and a proactive approach will enhance your overall well-being.


*Last name has been left off for anonymity.

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