Splash Into Calm: New Beginnings & Change

New Beginnings is the title for the month of January, but as I begin this next phase of my work I thought it would be a great focus for this week.

The following quote by Leo Buscaglia sheds light on this concept: “Change is life. Without change there would be no growth, no understanding, no relating, and no surprises. We are by nature changing beings. Still we seem to fear and resist it more than any other aspect of life.”

 We undergo many changes: graduations, weddings, anniversaries, new jobs, divorces, deaths, illnesses, and more. Each phase of life-change brings growth, discomfort, and opportunity. Yet, we resist these changes because we are creatures of habit. We are comfortable with how things are. We want our children to stay adorable, looking up to us like we are perfect in every way—oops, my mistake—this is not a fantasy blog!

So it is with every aspect of living, not only the big events. There will always be an ending and a new beginning, and every change impacts everyone involved. Since nothing stays stagnant and we should not get too attached to anything. But we do; we continue to resist the changes and when we finally let go we leave claw marks behind. No matter how tightly we hold on, change is guaranteed.

Throughout the process of writing, editing, selling and promoting my book “Splash Into Calm”, I have encountered discomfort as I have stepped into areas of the process that are new to me.  This constant change has given me the opportunity to put one foot in front of the other and continue keep an open mind to experience the full scope of the process, both joyful and frustrating.

When we are receptive to change rather than resist the constant nature of change we find that we learn, grow, and find joy in the process. 

How do you respond to change?   Do you resist?  Are you open to change?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Mistakes Happen


When I first began posting blogs, I made a spelling error that spellcheck missed.  A reader sent me a message correcting my error, which I am grateful for but the way it was communicated was sarcastic and rude.

I wonder why the individual felt that approach was needed?  What would have been much more effective was a simple, clear compassionate message.  Usually when a person is sarcastic and rude with others, they treat themselves the same way.

Mistakes happen to us all.  It is an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than get stuck in the downward spiral of negativity.

When input is communicated in a positive, solution based manner we are much more receptive.  The practice of kindness when you or someone else makes a mistake will go a long way. 

Let me know in the comments below how you react to mistakes.  Can you make a shift to kindness and compassion?   

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Great Opportunity or Impossible Situation?

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations- Charles Swindoll

 When I look back at what I considered to be my most difficult times, I realize that those experiences propelled me to change and grow.

It seems to take impossible situations to make us take a look at our lives and reevaluate our priorities.

It is much easier to see things in hindsight then while we are in the middle of the experience.  It could take years to see how we or others have developed from past experiences.

Look at those in your life who have had a positive impact on you and you will find that they have become the person they are from all of their life experiences, including painful situations.

There is great freedom when we can clearly see the shift that occurred and to focus on the synchronicity in life.

Let me know in the comments below if you can see how a difficult situation has shaped who you are today.  See if you can look for the synchronicity of past experiences and let me know how they affected you.

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Change is Life: Embrace it!

Change is life.  Without change there would be no growth, no understanding, no relating and no surprises.  We are by nature changing beings.  Still we seem to fear and resist it more than any other aspect of life…-  Leo Buscaglia

May is a time with many life changing events and my life is filled with them.  My youngest daughter is graduating college, my niece is getting married and my parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. 

These are all wonderful, momentous events, and there is letting go and moving forward with each.

With each phase of life, change brings growth, discomfort and opportunity.  

Even though my daughters have not lived at home during college, this final graduation marks an ending and new beginning for my daughter, myself and the rest of the family. New stress, fear and excitement are all part of this next phase of life. 

It is like this in every aspect of living. One moment passes and a new moment emerges.  Each and every breath is a new breath. Each emotion has a beginning and end.  Nothing stays stagnant.

 It is an exquisite process and to resist it is to miss out on the experience. 

Embrace each and every aspect of change and enjoy the ride!

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