Do You Live in Fight or Flight?

When you are in a Fight or Flight response, your heart rate and blood pressure increase and blood is shunted away from the digestive system, giving you the ability to react quickly.  The adrenalin rush provides strength you never knew you had.  This is extremely beneficial when there is danger.

The problem is that you are in a Flight or Flight response when you have a hangnail! 

Stress stimulates the fight or flight response and continued stress results in chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, digestive problems and increased heart rate. 

Research has been going on for years about this issue and H. Benson had coined a term called the Relaxation Response.  There are a multitude of practices using breath, movement, meditation and centering that stimulate this response and when it happens, your anxiety level decreases, impacting all the related systems in the body.

Custom Calm specializes in simple, approachable practices designed to lower stress.  All techniques have been researched in major hospitals with powerful results.

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