Splash Into Calm: Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most common issues many of us struggle with on a daily basis.

We cannot be great at everything and often use our weaknesses as excuses to quit, rather than cultivate our strong points. Let me give you an example. When I began to write my book Splash Into Calm, I knew that my strength is not writing. My children and husband have a sophisticated command of the English language that I lack. I almost quit before I began, until my wise advisor reminded me that there are trained professionals who can fill in where I lack skill. What I do possess is knowledge and experience of the practices and philosophies contained in the book. I also have my own style of effectively communicating concepts that stay true to my voice and those I want to reach. As I continue to forge forward, I dive in deeper and hone the skills that are already inherent within.

There are always options available to us. We can get help or hire someone to do the parts that either we do not want to do or are incapable of accomplishing, so the only thing that holds us back is fear.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and taking baby steps will transform your procrastination to momentum, and replace fear and anxiety with a sense of inner freedom.

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with procrastination.  If you procrastinate, what do you think is the cause?

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Child Anxiety Helped by Mindful-Based Stress Reduction

Child Anxiety Can be a Big Issue: Fears and worry seen in kids today.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Living Section, August 8 2011 article focuses on the rising stress symptoms seen in children of all ages.

 Psychologists are giving symptoms serious attention as anxiety is causing panic attacks and other symptoms.

The use of Mindfulness Based stress-reduction programs including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy has helped children see clearly what is happening in the present, where choices can be made to not react emotionally.  The practices include breath, movement, activities, touching, tasting, smelling seeing and listening.

More and more the medical community is advocating the use of Mindfully Based stress-reduction practices to help a multitude of conditions.

The work of Custom Calm targets anxiety caused by consequences of stress, pain and illness using the proactive approach of Mindfully Based stress-reduction practices,   The individual is supported and empowered to take charge of their reactions, which immediately lowers stress and anxiety.

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Change is Life: Embrace it!

Change is life.  Without change there would be no growth, no understanding, no relating and no surprises.  We are by nature changing beings.  Still we seem to fear and resist it more than any other aspect of life…-  Leo Buscaglia

May is a time with many life changing events and my life is filled with them.  My youngest daughter is graduating college, my niece is getting married and my parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. 

These are all wonderful, momentous events, and there is letting go and moving forward with each.

With each phase of life, change brings growth, discomfort and opportunity.  

Even though my daughters have not lived at home during college, this final graduation marks an ending and new beginning for my daughter, myself and the rest of the family. New stress, fear and excitement are all part of this next phase of life. 

It is like this in every aspect of living. One moment passes and a new moment emerges.  Each and every breath is a new breath. Each emotion has a beginning and end.  Nothing stays stagnant.

 It is an exquisite process and to resist it is to miss out on the experience. 

Embrace each and every aspect of change and enjoy the ride!

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Lynn Suffered from Chronic Back Pain and Poor Posture

Lynn’s Challenge

I lived with chronic pain.  My right hip was frozen and it hurt all day long.  I have a sway back and my low back would lock up at times.  My shoulders rolled forward, my belly protruded and my overall posture was terrible.

What Lynn Tried

I tried many different practices including yoga in the past.  Also, I go for deep massage, which does help, but I was still in pain.

What Worked

Step by step, over time with the practice of Custom Calm yoga, my hip began to open up and as a result, others areas of my body opened and straightened up as well.

The yoga quieted my mind and relaxed my body.  I think the support has been the key to my body and my mind finally relaxing and accepting joy and ease.

The Yoga Therapy totally melted the tension in my hip muscles so much so that whenever we began a session, the muscle remembered the treatment and would soften to Ellen's touch.

Over time, my yoga practice has become a central part of my life, opening me up to real happiness and contentment. The daily practice has slowed and relaxed my mind and my body resulting in a “being comfortable in my own skin” feeling that stays with me all day. I have come to know a depth to my Self that I did not know existed and was afraid to experience.

My posture has changed, the chronic pains have subsided, I breathe more fully, my state of mind is calm, and life is full of joy.   The yoga and the yoga therapy have brought me internal peace in an ever-changing, fragile world. And the deeper I go, the better it gets.

What you can learn from Lynn’s Experiences

Lynn was motivated by pain to explore other avenues.  Lynn embraced the practices and committed to home practice, which expedited her healing.  When Lynn's body became more open and relaxed, it resulted in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes as well.  It is all connected.   At times yoga is not enough and Lynn was able to work individually through yoga therapy to speed up her process of healing.    Lynn’s experiences show the life changing power of consistent practice Custom Calm techniques.


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