Integrative Medicine Manages Chronic Disease

The July 2011 issue of The Atlantic cites that the approach of integrative medicine "extends beyond the prevention of major chronic diseases to the management of many everyday maladies that plague millions of people."

David H, Freedman's article reflects the prominent 2000 study that demonstrated that "America spends vastly more on health as a percentage of gross domestic product than every other country and is ranked States ranked 37th, in health-care effectiveness.

Freedman goes on to describe the effectiveness that has been shown in the kind of patient-centered care that is at the heart of the model at Duke Integrative Medicine and other similar centers. 

An important issue for medicine is getting patients to make the lifestyle changes needed to take responsibility for their well-being.

Custom Calm practices make lifestyle changes that are simple and easy to incorporate.  The recent professional training from Duke Integrated Medicine broadens the scope of what Custom Calm offers to further empower patients.  

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