6 Steps to Benefit from Yoga’s Relaxation Pose


Yoga's Relaxation Pose is also called Corpse pose or Shavasana.   The term corpse is used because the pose is about letting go completely and surrendering into the support of the floor.  It can be quite calming and relaxing.  For some it is challenging to get still without being asleep.

The pose is also a resting pose for the physical body and propping your knees either on a chair or with blankets is the most effective for releasing pressure on the lumbar spine.

Try this:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees over a chair or rolled blankets.
  2. Scoot forward toward your chair or blankets with your knee creases at the edge.
  3. Prop your head so your forehead is level with your chin- you do not want your head to tilt back as this causes compression in your neck.
  4. Allow your arms to rest near your sides with your palms facing up or you can bend your elbows and place your hands on your belly.
  5. If your mind is busy place a few folded blankets on your chest.
  6. Rest here for 5-10 minutes with easy breathing.

Use this pose when you are tired, stressed  or achy and let me know in the comments below  how it felt.  If you were anxious, what do you think happened?

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