Time Magazine: The Science of Meditation

Concrete research has proven that meditation has powerful benefits.  Back in August 4,2003, the cover of Time magazine shows a woman meditating with a caption that says:

New Age mumbo jumbo?  Not for millions of Americans who meditate for health and well-being.

The article studied Students, Federal Trade Commission Attorneys and Prisoners as part of the study and findings were significant.   

Many cannot fathom how something as non -evasive as meditation, can improve anxiety, spiritual connection, coronary disease, cancer, focus and more.  There is an abundance of scientific proof available on the power of meditation.  

Check out the following:

M.I.T studies showed over time, the neurons in the brain will adapt themselves to direct activity in the frontal, concentration-oriented area of the brain.  In other words, you learn to be totally aware of the moment, increasing concentration and focus.  Kamikaze pilots are trained to have this level of awareness.

Meditation is here to stay and will change your life.  Why not give it a try?

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