Article: Executive Jobs Can Hurt Their Health

The article from the Atlanta -Journal Constitution focuses on the consequences of stress for top executives.  The demands of their jobs create anxiety and depression, forcing some to resign.   Without coping skills work demands create problems. 

At Custom Calm we offer complimentary medicine, which enhances traditional medicine.  The article sites a top executive from Aaron’s Corporation having to leave his job and was able to return “with relaxation and medicine.”  His work was outstanding with the changes he made.

Medicine can help with the illness caused by stress, but coping strategies are needed to get to the root of how to effectively lower or eliminate the consequences of stress.

Life is stressful, whether you are a top executive or a retiree.  Learning the skills needed to help yourself get centered and calm are vital to healthy and joyful living.

What has been your experience with high stress situations?  Let me know in the comments below.

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