Child Anxiety Helped by Mindful-Based Stress Reduction

Child Anxiety Can be a Big Issue: Fears and worry seen in kids today.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Living Section, August 8 2011 article focuses on the rising stress symptoms seen in children of all ages.

 Psychologists are giving symptoms serious attention as anxiety is causing panic attacks and other symptoms.

The use of Mindfulness Based stress-reduction programs including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy has helped children see clearly what is happening in the present, where choices can be made to not react emotionally.  The practices include breath, movement, activities, touching, tasting, smelling seeing and listening.

More and more the medical community is advocating the use of Mindfully Based stress-reduction practices to help a multitude of conditions.

The work of Custom Calm targets anxiety caused by consequences of stress, pain and illness using the proactive approach of Mindfully Based stress-reduction practices,   The individual is supported and empowered to take charge of their reactions, which immediately lowers stress and anxiety.

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