Back Relief from Sitting in 6 Steps

We spend a lot of time sitting, particularly when we are on the computer.  We get lost in our work until the discomfort in our back gets our attention. Sitting  for long periods of time strains your back, neck and shoulders.

It is important to take a break and stretch out with your spine going in a different direction from how you were sitting. 

A gentle yoga stretch, rather than using force and effort will allow your muscles to release.  There are many stretches and this one is convenient, easy to do and quite effective.

Try this:

  1. Sit sideways on your chair with your feet under your knees.  An armless chair or one with low arms works the best.
  2. Bring your hands on either side of the chair back or sides.
  3.  Lengthen you spine using your arms and allow it to relax. Level your shoulders and use your arms to twist.  
  4. You will twist in the direction of the chair back
  5. Twist from the bottom up.  First, twist your stomach and waist, then your ribs, then shoulders, and finally your neck and head (do not strain).
  6.  Use your arms to twist and allow your spine to relax.  Take a few breaths and then come out slowly.

Let me know in the comments below how this worked for you.  Were you able to do it without force?  How did your body feel after?

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Teacher Work Day Stress Management Program

Teachers Challenges:

Teaching is a rewarding and stressful occupation.  Supporting students, juggling tasks, extra meetings after school, standing for hours,  rushed  lunches  are just some of the issues that lead to fatigue, back pain, headaches, stomach discomfort.    

 What was presented:

The group of 35 teachers experienced techniques for both the body and mind that could be done at school. Through working with the group with humor and presenting a program that was relevant to their work, the group participated in the following:

  • Breathing practice for stress
  • A few chair yoga poses to help with back and neck pain
  • A standing pose to release spinal tensions
  • Meditation techniques to find inner calm

What worked:

A note from the head of School, Sim P.:

Thank you so much for the wonderful stress management/yoga session with our staff during Planning Week.  The response from our folks was resounding positive and appreciative.  You managed in one-and-a-half hours to teach us so much about ourselves.  Particularly impressive was how you successfully taught and engaged such a diverse group across a spectrum ranging from no experience to plenty of experience in yoga and stress management.  We all learned and benefited.

What you can learn from the teacher’s experience:

Work is often stressful and to bring more productivity and ease into the day, there are simple practices that can be done.  No matter how diverse the group is, Custom Calm includes everyone so they can be empowered with proactive techniques and can gain clarity of what creates stress and how to better handle challenging situations.

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