Mindful of Mindless Tasks: Step by Step

One of my students told me that the much of his day was spent on boring household tasks such as dusting and vacuuming. We began exploring the possibility of becoming  more mindful while performing them. 

Our boring chores are as much as part of the day as exciting events, so why not bring the same attention to them? 

You might be surprised at how much more you get out of being present and participating, rather than mindlessly getting them over with.

Try this for the next time you clean, dust, iron or sweep:

  • Take a few breaths.
  • Look at what needs to be done.
  • Pick a place to begin.
  • With each movement, watch the object you are cleaning change.
  • Notice your body as you are working and if you are uncomfortable shift your alignment.
  • Continue to notice each step of the process until you finish.
  • Now, look at the end result while taking a few breaths.
  • Notice how you feel.


Give this a try and let me know in the comments below if you were able to be mindful of your task.  What was your experience of being present when you stayed with the process?  If it did not change, what do you think got in the way?

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