Stressed-Out Trailblazer Wanted

Welcome Potential Trailblazer!

You have landed on my 3-month program:

The No B.S. Approach to Taking Care of Yourself When Life Flips You the Bird 

You will learn:

  • How to anchor yourself in the moment and transform knee jerk reactions into calm responses
  • How to communicate openly and effectively with others
  • Evidence-based techniques to improve your nervous system, immune system, and increase stamina
  • Practices to help quiet your crazy mind so you improve your memory and focus
  • How to improve your sleep and relax your body.
  • Learn how to use gentle yoga on the spot to decompress your spine and improve chronic nagging pain
  • Learn how to effectively lower your pain symptoms
  • How to balance your day and get back to having some fun
  • Simple daily practices that are easy to incorporate in your day, anytime, anyplace.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meet either in person or virtually 9 times over a 3-month period
  • You have a built in accountability buddy and me as a back up between sessions if you are in need of support. Text, email or short phone call 
  • We agree upon what specific practical techniques are most effective in supporting you
  • You get clear and simple handouts to support you in your practices

What’s the deal with only two sets of clients?

I only want two sets of new semi-private clients because I am giving a super, duper deal- 2 for the price of 1!  Why, you might ask I am doing this deal?  Well, I am convinced that semi-private is the best way to go and a win-win for both myself and client. This is my opportunity to trailblaze with fellow trailblazers!  Are you one of them?

Investment is usually $1850.00 for 3 months 1-on-1.  For new trailblazers, the offer is for two people. Yes, that’s a 2-for-1 deal!

If you want to contact me about the details or send me the answers to your quesions- Click Here