Stress Buster Tip: This Teacher is the Student

z08U6SZf08j8ewG2Fv8tTfwANdCX-KH2Y_9wzeGLHaAI made a decision not to seek inspiration for my newsletters from my dog Kiddo any longer.  Between knocking over our trash, eating road kill, and my recent broken hand, I have gotten more inspiration than I ever wanted!

I feel reflective this Labor Day.  As I think about the summer I realize how challenging it has been for me.  My plan was to take care of two minor surgeries–one for my deviated septum and one for my droopy eye (happy to say it is now perky.)  Both required that I take it slow for at least a week, so I spaced them one month apart. I thought I made a good plan, giving me time to recover and recharge.  What I did not plan on was a broken hand (thanks Kiddo), and low back pain stemming from my scoliosis.

I have to admit, it became too much for me to handle with my usual upbeat attitude. When I shared my dismay with a good friend, she said “Ellen, any one of those things is difficult to handle, and you had many more than one thing happen.”  That was news to me.

There are times we expect way too much of ourselves and I realize that for me this summer was one of those times.

 As I type a bit slowly after 6 weeks in a hard cast and one more month in a removable cast, I am thinking about what inspiration I could share with you.

Here goes:

Inspiration #1:  Ease up on yourself–we don’t realize at times that we are not superhuman.

Inspiration #2:  Sometimes we just have a tough time–resistance causes more stress and pain.

Inspiration #3:  Your attitude is a choice no matter what is happening.

Inspiration #4:  As my mentor says:  Just have a good cry and eat chocolate!

Inspiration #5:  Slow and steady action is the antidote for a funk.

I know I am always the student even though my role in my work is that of a teacher.  I think of all of my skills, knowing that and being real is the most important.  I am in the trenches with you all.

Yes, it is awesome to be human…


Warm Regards,




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