Stress Buster Tip: The Truth be told–NO MORE BS!!!

f0TsGdDv5ue6laU8EaxCAvHv5BK8IzhH9Cy0gHEoKDUI treated myself to a marketing/messaging intensive in Bozeman, Montana with the most amazing wordsmith, Stella Orange. This was part of my 60th birthday treat to myself. I was joined by 13 other females who I had never met. It took all of 10 seconds to feel at home among these powerful entrepreneurs, and the experience was life changing.

I learned a lot about messaging, but what made this experience so rich was the personal truth that unfolded. Each one of us was given a half hour “hot seat” to work on whatever messaging or program we chose.

I was working on my program name as I had been told it was too passive (and I am anything but passive!). When I told them I was Custom Calm helping people live a calmer life, especially those dealing with stress, pain, and illness, the group erupted with a resounding- “Calm??? That is hardly how we would describe you!” I must admit, I felt a bit defensive as they did not understand my definition of calm. My response was: “I am kick-ass, no BS in my work and calm-living is the ability to take charge and not allow chaos and reaction take you over–it gives you more of an edge. Calm living in my book is not being all sweet and Zen–it is rolling with the punches of life and having choice of how you want to react.”

As I finished my passionate narrative, they asked me why I was not being true to my beliefs by being passive and “in the box” with descriptions of my work. I am hardly the mainstream, socially acceptable, even keel image that I put out there.

That got me thinking- there was truth in what they were saying. I was not being authentic in who I am because of the fear of being too bold. What I realize is bold and real is what I am and what people need: fearless, realistic, and honest. I never claim to be above what anyone is experiencing and am in the trenches with everyone, doing the best I can.

Why does this have to do with stress? Not living in truth is living life with shackles on, robbing you of the joy of being relaxed in yourself. It causes stress and pain. Many live this way, and it has taken me years to gradually move into who I am and what I believe is true. My children have taught me this lesson so well and I am in awe of their guts.

Now it is time for me to fully step into living my truth in every area of life, because that is the key ingredient in cultivating calm living.

Here goes: My work at Custom Calm and new tag line is (drum roll please):

No BS solutions for stress, pain, and illness.

My commitment as I enter this next decade of life is to be true to myself and let everyone know what I am really about: No BS! That is what makes my work life changing. So, why not say it up front?

Thank you Stella and the gang in Bozeman. I got more than messaging and marketing from this intensive. I got the best 60th birthday present ever: ME!



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