Stress Buster: It’s Just Dog Garbage!


I have been quite busy this holiday season.  After teaching a morning group at the Infusion Center, I took a well needed break.  I arrived home after a relaxing lunch with a friend, to find garbage spewed allover the floor.  Yes, my dog had gotten into the trash!  I must admit my first reaction was one of frustration.

After a few moments, I felt my feet beneath me, took a breath and came back to the reality of the moment.  It was just garbage and my dog was doing what dogs do.  She did not wake up in the morning deciding to annoy me by spreading garbage around (although at times I wonder). Yet, we take these things personally.  It was not personal, and when I can remember this, my days go much more smoothly.  The holiday season brings many opportunities to practice this simple, life changing concept. Long lines, traffic jams, people getting frustrated, running out of an ingredient for a recipe, waiting in the airport, can easily derail us, but it does not need to.

All you have to do it feel your feet beneath you, take a breath and remember:

It’s is not personal!  May your holidays be filled with joy and ease.

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