Staying the Course

It is easy to be thrown off course by things that are out of our control.

I have been writing a book, and today finished the second draft.  Off to my publisher it went for her review.  I was excited about this major accomplishment, but my joy was short lived as I ran into a few glitches in areas in which I am unfamiliar. 

The question I pondered was this:  How do I want to handle this situation?  Do I want to allow it to derail me, or take the next step to move into solution?  I chose the latter.  What I did next was simple—I took a break!  Yes, I took myself out to dinner with a friend and after, got myself a treat.  It was a form of celebration for a major achievement.  For me, that was living in the solution. 

There are times we simply need to regroup before moving forward.

I was not allowing myself the joy of sharing my accomplishment.  We need to pat ourselves on the back from time to time for our hard work, rather than quickly moving to the next step.

Had I continued to sit at my computer trying to figure things out, I would have gotten nowhere, except stressed out.  For me the solution was to fill up so I could forge forward.

Now I feel calm and centered, ready for the challenges ahead.

Let me know in the comments below what you do when you are stuck.  Do you give yourself time to regroup?



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