Spring, Chocolate Bunnies, & Matzo Brie: What Does It Mean?

Yea, springtime is finally here! The holidays of Passover and Easter are around the corner. When I think of both of these holidays, I think of emergence (okay, first I think of chocolate bunnies, matzo brie, and matzo ball soup.)

The theme of Passover is about release from the bondage of slavery into freedom. Easter marks a time of rebirth and renewal. Both embody the theme of transformation and new beginnings—a second chance at life.

We commonly think of bondage as being under the control or influence of something powerful. The power that keeps us bound and stuck is simple: We are slaves to our own thoughts. Our busy mind generates a fog over what we see, obscuring what is possible. We get trapped by our way of perceiving life and see no way out, stunting our capacity to grow and move in new directions.

Both holidays embody principles that we can integrate into our lives. The key principle is that we all have the innate capacity to live with inner peace and joy. Only when we let go of old thoughts and belief systems are we able to be receptive to something different. How liberating to know we can begin again at any time. 

The simple act of being willing to break old patterns will create space, and you will notice that things begin to shift. How do we begin to break old patterns? The first step is to be aware that they exist—you cannot change what you do not know about. Let’s start with something small:

  • Cultivate a mindset of being open and willing to change rather than using brute force. The process of simple awareness will jump-start the change.
  • To become aware, begin to notice the self-talk and language you use. This will help you get a glimpse into areas where you are stuck in old beliefs. Pick one word or phrase that is most glaring. Simply becoming aware will show you how often you repeat it. Yes, it will become annoyingly obvious! When you hear yourself, take a breath and feel the connection of your feet to the surface beneath you and then reframe what you just said (you do not have to believe it.)
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself, as it might not be comfortable to see what keeps you stuck. It is like the children’s arcade game “whack-a-mole” where one mole pops up and you hit it with a hammer; then another pops up. This will happen with your chosen behavior, and then one day a new mole will pop up. That is great progress.

Renewal is a natural process and when the shackles of your mind begin to fall away, freedom and clarity will take its place. It will bring new meaning to the holidays as you see the brilliance of spring through new eyes. Happy Spring!



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