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Your audience will love Ellen Sichel!

Ellen Sichel is a teacher, speaker and author who is tired of stress and pain reduction being so darn complicated. When you’re overwhelmed by daily pain or high stress, you don’t need another complex thing to do — you need quick and useful solutions that actually work! Ellen’s talks, workshops and courses are packed with sustainable techniques, group interaction, and relatable content… all delivered in Ellen signature’s roll-up-our-sleeves, humorous, no-B.S. style. As someone who has lived with chronic pain, chronic illness and been a caregiver herself, Ellen doesn’t teach anything she doesn’t live in her own life.

The bottom line: Ellen Sichel rocks!

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Ellen’s Most Popular Presentations

All of Ellen’s presentations can be customized to speak directly to specific challenges. No cookie cutter talks from this presenter!

Specific CEU Health prof. events available

Kick Your High Stress, Pain, & Illness In the Butt: How to Stop Waiting, Take Charge, and Enjoy Life Now (No matter what’s going on)

This is great for those diagnosed with any kind chronic condition or illness.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to anchor yourself in the moment and transform knee jerk reactions into calm responses
  • How to communicate with doctors and loved ones openly and effectively
  • Two simple, evidence-based techniques to improve your nervous system and immune system to strengthen your overall health
  • A 30-second technique to work with your crazy mind so you improve your memory and focus and your body finally relaxes (no matter what’s going on)
  • How to go back to sleep when your mind won’t shut up
  • Learn how to use gentle yoga in bed or on a chair to decrease muscle tension and relax your body

The No B.S. Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When Life Flips You the Bird

This is great for busy people who do not want to slow down but are chronically stressed from pressures at home or work.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The key to getting more done in less time.
  • How to bolster your stamina anytime, anywhere in 5 minutes
  • How to improve your immune system
  • Two simple, evidence-based techniques to improve your clarity and focus
  • 30 second technique to transform overwhelm to effective decision making
  • How to go from knee jerk reactions to calm, focused solutions

The Caregiver Rollercoaster: How to Have a Smoother Ride with the Ups, Downs & Loop-the-Loops of Caring For Others

This speaks to both professional caregivers (CEU’s can be arranged) and lay caregivers

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A 30-second technique to re-energize
  • How to stop taking on the chronic illness struggles of others (while still being compassionate)
  • How to quickly fill up so you have more to give
  • How to balance your day and get back to having some fun
  • A practical technique to relax so you have more stamina and get out of flight-or-flight
  • Technique to help you sleep-(no it is not a pill!)


Previous Speaking Events & Programs Include:

  • Ataxia National Conference
  • Lupus Summit
  • E-Women’s Network
  • Atlanta Regional Commission- Georgia Council on Aging
  • Cancer Support Community at Northside Hospital
  • Northside Hospital Infusion Center
  • RC Cancer Centers
  • Resurgens Orthopedics
  • Journey Hospice
  • Weinstein Center Adult Program
  • Sunrise Senior Living Staff Meeting Series

And Certified CEU Events for:

  • Wellstar Hospital
  • Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialist
  • Kennestone Hospital
  • Georgia Conference: National Association of Social Workers
  • Georgia Council of Nephrology Social Workers
  • St. Joe’s Hospital
  • Grady Hospital
  • Benton House Adult Living

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What People are Saying

“Ellen Sichel gets it! Ellen’s upbeat approach to dealing with the unavoidable stress associated with chronic illness encourages her students to set realistic and attainable goals. Her engaging and energetic presentations immediately set her audiences at ease as they realize that stress reduction can be realized using simple tools to regain a sense of calm and control. Ellen’s remarkable ability to relate to her audience radiates a confident message of hope and empowerment.”

Teri Emond: Program Director and COO, Lupus Foundation of America, GA Chapter

“Ellen is engaging, genuine, and empathetic.  She easily finds the commonality of a situation and uses is as a unifying force; all while  illustrating that there are similarities in how we react to life’s challenges whether it be stress, illness, or caring for a loved one with an illness.”

Jon Mauro, BOD National Ataxia Foundation


“Ellen was the perfect combination of expertise, practical tips, and humor, keeping the audience fully engaged throughout her presentation.”

Ruth Anne W.  Regional President- Hadassah Regional Conference

“Ellen was a great presenter with good, easy-to-remember tips. “This session was so ‘everyday’ useful!”

Kristie Sharp Atlanta Regional Commission- Division on aging

“Her presentation was very engaging and resulted in many questions from the audience.”

Dave Zilles-Support Group Leader, Greater Atlanta Ataxia Support Group

“Ellen brought a ton of wisdom and humor to her presentation. All of the evaluations I received from our members gave Ellen glowing reviews. Ellen is a great speaker and would enhance any group she speaks to.”

Heather Rogers- President of Atlanta Nationsl Assoc. of Professional Organizers


“Thank you, thank you for your fun and applicable perspective to custom calm. The evaluations stated you were excellent and practical, energetic and informative, and engaging and funny.

When I was sitting in on your presentation you kept my attention and provided useful and easy to use skills at any time.”

Sharon Frank, RN, MN

“As I began to watch Ellen work and saw her interact with each cancer patient we serve at our facility, I saw that little by little, she was changing everyone’s world. The ripple effect of Ellen grew and soon our facility was abuzz about this new instructor whose bag of tricks reached far wider than a simple wellness class.”

Christy Andrews; Executive Director, Cancer Support Community – Atlanta

“At 58, I suddenly found myself in a serious medical situation. After my first call with Ellen, I immediately felt like I had just spoken with someone that understood the state I was in and could help me.  Ellen has put together a unique and simple approach to deal with the stress that comes from dealing with disease and illness.  With Ellen’s help, I was able to get through the months of waiting for a proper diagnosis for several issues without losing my mind and still get on with my life.  I now incorporate Ellen’s “Custom Calm” techniques in my daily life knowing that sickness, sadness, and stress will still come into my life – but I am equipped with the tools to tackle the situations and still live a good and happy life.”

Terry C.; Sr. Consultant – Asset Management

“Ellen’s expertise and soothing manner enabled her to help me find a sense of inner calm that I had been missing in recent years.”

Bonnie B. Cancer Survivor/ Fibromyalgia patient