Perfection is Overrated: That’s Great News for Me!

The back story
A former client sent me wonderful comment about my last newsletter. If you have not yet read it, check my blog.  She wrote:  I LOVE S’mores!  I feel that so much of what you taught me has become hardwired. I am so thankful for your guidance and friendship – you truly changed my life. 

Now, that is an amazing testimonial, wouldn’t you agree? You would think I would take that in and kvell in the gift she gave me.  I did for a moment and was grateful for her response.  But then, I took a turn-  I replied and thanked her, then added a comment that I had made a typo on the title (no looking back please J)  Oy, why would I do that?  A compliment can be difficult for many, and I see I am still one of them.

She gave me a perfect response: Perfection is overrated.   

My thoughts
We tend to be tough on ourselves when we make a mistake.  We also tend to dismiss a compliment pretty darn quickly.  I wonder why this is?
There is some odd notion that we must do things perfectly or we look “less than.”  Think about it.  The feedback she gave me was a gift, yet my focus was on letting her know I made a mistake.  Really Ellen?  The awe of improving someone’s life vs. an extra letter in a word.  Hmmm, that is a no-brainer, yet I got caught in the trap of perfection.

The concern about my error (that she did not even notice) clouded my ability to take in the lovely affirming note she wrote about my work.  I took what was an opportunity to really appreciate my gifts and chose to focus on my small error.

  • I get tripped up in trying to look a certain way and to make a mistake makes me seem less professional.  What the heck is that about?
  • Even though I am getting much better, it is still my tendency to dismiss a compliment.

One day soon
One day, I too will get new behavior around this issue “hardwired” as she has.  Even when I get tripped up, I will remember her wise words:    Perfection is overrated…
Thank you my student, friend, and teacher. You are one smart cookie!
Write your comments on my blog. I love to hear from you.  Also, stay tune for some exciting new programs.

P.S. For those who come to the Cancer Support Community in Atlanta, I decided to share the Saturday yoga class with another instructor.  Will see you on April 1st– no kidding!

Hope to see you soon.

Warm regards,



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