Passover and Easter

Spring has definitely sprung and this weekend we celebrate the holidays of Passover and Easter. 

The holiday of Passover focuses on release from the bondage of slavery into freedom.  Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal. 

We commonly think of bondage as being under the control or influence of something powerful.  The celebration of Passover marks the freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.

Today we are in another kind of bondage:  It is self imposed and it stems from our mind.  We are slaves to our own minds.  We get stuck in our way of thinking and perceiving life and see no way out.  There is no rebirth for us to move in new directions. 

We need to be willing to let go of the old thoughts and belief systems so you have room to receive the new.  When we do our mind can be clear and calm.  This year while celebrating the holidays,  think about where in your life you are stuck-that is the first step to freedom.

Let me know in the comments below if you are hanging on to old beliefs.



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