My NY Bagel Debacle:  Never Again!


Recently both of my daughters and myself flew to NY to spend Mother’s Day with my mom.  It was a treat to have us all together with my sister and brother and their families.

Of course no NY visit would be complete without NY Bagels.  If you are from the south and you think the bagels here at the chains are good bagels- you are mistaken.  Most of their bagels are baked and I refer to them as “rolls with holes”.  They are yummy, but not a true bagel.  Bagels are boiled, not baked and what makes NY bagels superior to a real southern bagel is the water they are boiled in.

NY Bagels can even be colorful- a perfect match for my younger daughters hair!

Enough about your bagel lesson.  What I want to share is a lesson I learned about the power of the bagel.

Before we left we visited our favorite bagel shop to purchase bagels to take home.  My daughter was giving a dozen bagels as part of a house warming gift.  All together we bought two dozen.

Since two dozen bagels are quite heavy, I got the bright idea to wrap them very well, pack them, and send them through luggage. All went well and our precious bagels arrived safely in Atlanta.

The problem arose when I opened my suitcase.  The smell of the well packed onion bagels satiated every last item in my bag, including my bag!  I had to take the bag out of our bedroom as it was stinking everything up.

I proceeded to wash everything, even my raincoat.  Still a mild smell.  I wiped out my bag with a surface wipe which did not help.  Still onion smell.  The icing on the cake (or bagel) was what happened the following morning when I went to open my makeup case, which smelled of bagels.  When I applied my foundation, there was an odor coming from my makeup brushes-onions.

OY VEY!  Big mistake.

Today I went to the store and bought heavy duty Mr. Clean- success at last! I can finally store my suitcase.  As for my makeup brushes, a quick washing will hopefully work.

If you are around me and smell something mouthwatering, it is my new scent- Ode de NY Onion Bagel.

You might be wondering what this has to do with stress (or maybe you’re not.) The lessons here are:

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Have fun and laugh
  • Stay open to learning something new every day
  • Laugh at yourself even when you make some bad choices

For me, I have gained even more respect for the NY bagel.  They do not skimp on the onions!
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