My No B.S. Calm Perspective: Simple, Silly Shower Smiles

fe2a81f8-dec5-41e6-b453-8f1f1d8778abI promise, this is not another boring New Year’s resolution newsletter!  I am sick of them too.  If I hear one more huge solution on how to change, I might throw up.  Here is my non-resolutions – resolution newsletter.

I have been working on lightening up. Those who know me might wonder how much lighter I can get.   I know I am playful with others, but often I am too serious with myself.  I tend to try too hard and expect too much from myself.  I am sure some of you are nodding in agreement.  I have improved in this area, but still I get way too hard on myself.

My morning shower is an opportunity to relax and clear my mind, which opens me up to new ideas.  After my shower, as I was standing wrapped in my towel, I looked at the foggy shower door.  I usually squeegee it off, making it nice and clean.

This day was different.  Instead of using the squeegee, before I knew it, my hand went up.  I had drawn a simple smiley face.  Strange you say???  Maybe, but it put a smile on my face.  It was a simple reminder for me not to take life so seriously.  I did not have to continue with the habit of a tidy, clear shower door.  I can feel some of you clean, neat, orderly people gasping right now.  Just take a breath and calm down. It’s just a shower door!

This has become my new ritual.  Some mornings, I add a curl, or a silly smile. This might sound ridiculous, but once again, it shows me that simple is effective.

I guess this is a resolution, but it is a more natural approach to incremental changes. It’s not that there is anything wrong with resolutions, but you and I both know that much on your list has been there for years.  You have made it too difficult.  Okay, you get inspired for a few weeks and then you fall off of the resolution wagon.

Why not try a really simple, realistic approach that will be inviting? My resolve to lighten up has begun with a simple smiley face in the shower. The old me would have thought: Why are you so hard on yourself? Lighten up, damn it!  Hmmm… not very inviting.

I do have a goal of joining an improvisation class, but that will take hours of time as they are cross town.  Not an excuse (or is it?) It is on my list, but if I wait until I sign up for classes to do this, I would be in the same place I was a week ago.

Think about your resolutions.  What simple, simple, action can you take to move in the direction you want to go?  Make it so simple that you think it is no big deal at all.  I would love to hear what you picked.

If you have picked wanting to take charge of your life because you are  overwhelmed by stress and pain, your simple action would be to set up a complimentary call with me to get a quick taste of your own no B.S. solution.  It is that simple!  >>

Remember, keep it simple.  Who knows, for me it might be that my smiley face will wear an earring tomorrow! 🙂  What about you?

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