Mulit-Tasking: Is it Worth it?

I was at a restaurant and a woman with two young children walked in. She ordered she sat down and made a phone call.  Her children were on either side of her and they were served their food.  With her cell phone to her ear, she ate her meal with her family.

Unfortunately this is a very familiar scenario.       

The reality was:  She was not attentive to her phone conversation, did not really taste and savor her food and was not present to her small children.  This is how many live their lives and sadly, it considered normal.

 We end up “doing”, rather than living.

 In our rush to get it all done we miss out on our moment by moment experiences, true connection with ourselves and those who are with us.  We do this at home, the car, office, our family and social engagements:   Nothing is excluded.  

When we participate in one thing at a time and are fully engaged we experience more joy in life.

Let me know in the comments below how multi- tasking shows up in your life?  What could you do to make a small change?



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