More Dog Garbage

Back in January I wrote about how my dog had gotten into my trash.  I shared a few simple tools that easily transformed my frustration into calm.

I reported: It was just garbage and my dog was doing what dogs do.  She did not wake up in the morning deciding to annoy me by spreading garbage around (although at times I wonder). Yet, we take these things personally.  It was not personal, and when I can remember this, my days go much more smoothly.  

There is now more to the story, and to be honest with you, I did begin to take it personally.

Kiddo, got into the trash 5 more times. We tried everything.  First, we put something on the top of the trashcan.  She soon realized she was able to push it off, and once again munched on our garbage.  New solution:  Put the entire can in the hall closet, which worked well- except when we did not latch it securely.  Yes, it happened again and the cost was a $225.00 visit to the vet after she got quite sick on my carpet.  After that, we trained ourselves (hmmm, what is wrong with that picture?) to latch the door, only to leave the small pantry closet door slightly unlatched and I do not need to tell you what happened.  We had enough!

Yes, drastic measures were needed.  Here was our brilliant solution.  Keep her in her crate whenever we are gone-so simple, so effective and I am sure you are thinking duh, Ellen of course- you should have done that in the first place!

Here is where the stress management teaching comes in: We already know it is not personal.  She is just doing what dogs do.  There is more:  Keep it simple– how many times have we heard this?

My husband and I were so busy trying to outsmart our dog, that we forgot the simple solution right in front of our noses.

Einstein said it well:  “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it”. The mind complicates things.  It is only when we can get still even for a moment that we can begin to see what is possible, and most of the time you will find that simple solutions are most effective.  What I never told you about Kiddo, is that she is a hunting dog-she can smell trash a mile away!

The next time you find yourself thinking hard to come up with a solution, feel your feet beneath you, take a slow breath so you can clear out the minds clutter.  Then ask yourself:  Is this a simple solution or am I complicating things?  I would venture to say that most times you are complicating things.

I am off to teach now, and Kiddo is off to her crate.  Yes, life is simple…

Enjoy the day,



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